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Industrial Plating Specialist with 55+ years of experience in the fields of : Plating, crankshaft repair, camshaft repair, hard chrome, engine block repair, connecting rods, metal spray, grinding, plus lots more....
Rebuilt Reliability is Built In
With Concentration on quality, we give you full assurance of complete satisfaction. The same time we pride ourselves on fast, accurate remanufacturing work at Highly Competitive prices.
Reliable Service
Your down time can be very costly. We do everything possible to get the job done right the first time, and get you going again.
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Coastal Plating Company
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  Industrial Plating Specialist


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  About Coastal Plating
The professionals at Coastal Plating specialize in Crankshaft Repair and can restore your worn or damage crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods and block repair to full life at a fraction of their replacement costs. Crankshaft Repair also including the items we plate can be readily re-conditioned over and over again. That means tremendous savings in overall operating costs for you.
Our own trucks serve certain areas with regular transport to periodic pickup and delivery service. Your transportation or public transport may also help speed up the restoration job. Coastal Plating actively covers the southwest plus 18 states and our neighboring countries.

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